The Antioch Baptist Church was founded June 7, 1921 at 714 Louisiana Avenue by a group of believers under the leadership of the late Reverend Alfred Charles Moore. Reverend Moore served faithfully for 40 years and under his leadership grew from the one room site on Louisiana Avenue to 818 6th Street.

After the passing of Reverend Moore, Pastor Leroy Crinel was installed as the pastor of Antioch in May of 1962. Pastor Crinel’s sensitivity to the voice of God led him to affiliate Greater Antioch with the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

Once the Lord called Pastor Crinel home to glory, the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship installed Dr. Louis W. Kelly as Pastor in April of 1996. Pastor Kelly used his God given talents and abilities to reach out to the minds of all kinds of people. Pastor Kelly oversaw tremendous membership growth, repairs and remodeling of the church edifice, the ordaining of elders, licensing of several ministers, deacons and missionaries, restructuring of the order of the worship service, and a scholarship foundation.

After the passing of Dr. Kelly, Greater Antioch heeded the voice of God and called on a young energetic man of God, Elder Lester Love. Under Pastor Love’s ministry, Greater Antioch experienced even more phenomenal growth. This tremendous growth and his effectiveness as a leader led to his consecration to the office of Bishop in July 2005 and now serves as Executive Secretary in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

Bishop Love, always seeking to make the Word of God as clear and relevant as possible, was asked constantly about the meaning of the word “Antioch”. The Bible states that Antioch was the first place that the followers of Jesus were called Christians because of the love that they showed to one another and to the community at large; the City of Antioch back then is The City of Love now. Thus, in 2009, the name Greater Antioch Full Gospel Baptist Church was changed to The City of Love.

In August of 2012, Bishop Love, working side by side with his wife Pastor Fran Love, stepped into his apostolic anointing when The City of Love planted the first location outside of the New Orleans area: The City of Love Thibodaux with Pastors’ Sylvester and Sonjia Major. The church expanded again with it’s second location in September of 2014: The City of Love St. Bernard with Pastors’ Bruce & Bridgette Dave. The City of Love is one church in 3 locations with a goal to have a total of 13 churches worldwide.